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Not all those who wander are lost... - Tolkien

From my bunker somewhere deep in the heart of Warwickshire, I get intimate on the mic in a stream of consciousness flow about the things I've been seeing, hearing, reading, and thinking about.

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Audio Bloggers' Social Network

Would you be interested in an audio bloggers' social network?

He thought I was one of them

#AudioMo Day 28

Are You a NBP?

Dave Winer, the American software developer, often talks about natural-born bloggers or NBBs. This got me wondering if people like us, who participate in #AudioMo are ...

Getting back into the groove

It's #Audiomo Day 20 and I'm back on the home front trying to get into the groove of the daily grind.

My Portuguese Girlfriend

It's #audiomo Day 19. Today's cast is inspired by the radio legend that is the late Joe Frank. I wrote this story during lockdown when I was experimenting with flash f...

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