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My first conversation with ChatGPT Voice

For years I've dreamed of having natural conversations with artificial intelligence like Tony Stark does with J.A.R.V.I.S. in Iron Man. And now, thanks to advances by ...

Guess who's back?

In which I talk about my comeback bid into social audio and audio blogging, my long and checkered history with traditional blogging, the relevance of social spaces for...

All these moments had their moments

#AudioMo Day 5 a little trip down memory lane has me thinking when do family and friends start becoming strangers to each other?

Hunting for insects

Out on a bug hunt for #audiomo Day 3

Another June, another chance to hangout with my #Audiomo friends

As we usher in another June, we find ourselves once again amidst #audiomo - a month-long celebration and challenge of harnessing audio as a medium for creative self-ex...

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