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The Soulcruzer Diaries #295: I Missed the Starting Gun

From his bunker somewhere deep in the heart of Warwickshire, Soulcruzer talks to you about the slippery slope of time and how he’s not bothered about dying and goes down the rabbit hole with Goombah on a Bike to talk about time.

The Soulcruzer Diaries #294: Broken

From his bunker somewhere deep in the bowels of Warwickshire, Soulcruzer talks to you about his recent podcasting epiphany, trying to preserve the memory of himself post-apocalyptic pandemic.

Exploring the Extraordinary Mind

In this episode, I catch up with my friend Laura Heeley to chat about Vishen Lakhiani's little gem of a book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

Zombied out on fear

A poem, with music from @zoltandekany

Every life is a story - #AudioMo Day 9

Offloading some thoughts on myths and the roles they play in our lives. #AudioMo Day 9

broken compass or something like that - #AudioMo Day 8

In this episode, I share one of my works in progress for #AudioMo Day 8.

First we ride - #AudioMo Day 4

First ride on an electric bike.

9 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My 20s (That I Eventually Figured Out On My Own) - #AudioMo Day 3

Here's me passing on some advice to young folks! #AudioMo Day 3

It's worse than that, he's dead Jim! #AudioMo Day 2

#AudioMo Day 2: List your favorite toys you played with as a child.

Hello #Audiomo

It's that time of the year again where hundreds of audio fiends descend upon the Internet to share audio of all kinds. That's right, it's #AudioMo 2020 let the recordings begin!

The other side of nowhere

Art is what? Reconciling one's relationship to art.

Contact tracking

I woke up with fire in my belly this morning. There's only one thing I can do in those circumstances and that is to create something. I've been dancing around the idea of rebooting the audioblog for weeks. This seems as good a time as any to get going again. Also, who's ready for the contact tracking app? The NHS version or the Apple/Google version?

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