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All these moments had their moments

#AudioMo Day 5 a little trip down memory lane has me thinking when do family and friends start becoming strangers to each other?

Hunting for insects

Out on a bug hunt for #audiomo Day 3

Another June, another chance to hangout with my #Audiomo friends

As we usher in another June, we find ourselves once again amidst #audiomo - a month-long celebration and challenge of harnessing audio as a medium for creative self-ex...

How can I embrace the full 21st century experience as a creator?

To answer my own question, Hephaestus would probably have morphed into the god of technology, or morphed into the god of technology if you still Greek myt...

Life Lessons from the Dude and the Zen Master?

Do you remember the movie "The Big Lebowski?" I was a big fan of the Dude, so when I saw this book, The Dude and the Zen Master, I snatched it up.

Weird time, winding down, a look ahead, beef stew and a crazy cat

From my bunker deep in the heart of England... In this episode, I wander from pillar to post musing out loud about my year and how I deal with this no-man's land of...

self-expression is a beautiful thing

Post 30 day challenge, how do I keep the momentum up. We now resume our regular programming

What myth are you living?

In which I explore the most important question we can ask ourselves.

Exploring the Metaverse

I spent the weekend exploring the Metaverse and found some interesting things.

What would Fonzie say?

The ten emojis that only old people use according to Gen Z.

This is some heavy sh%t

This is what happens when the council tries to fix something that isn't broken!

On Finding the Lost Spirit of the Web

I stumbled upon a few websites that if you are a nostalgic Generation Xer like me, you might well like these throwback webspace.

Here's Why It's Important for Your Actions and Behaviours to be Congruent with Your Intentions

This quote smacked me right between the eyes when I read it. "We judge others by their actions, be we judge ourselves by our intentions." It's a spin-off from a ...

Here's Why Daydreaming Can Be Dangerous

Do you like a good daydream? I know I do. But here’s why daydreaming can be dangerous and why you should use your discretion when daydreaming.

Let go of desire and go with the flow

We get ourselves twisted in knots when we become attached to certain outcomes and resist others. Better to let go and go with the flow while staying focused on the pro...

What can the mountain trail teach us about life?

We all know the map is not the territory. It's not until you get on the ground and see the terrain with your own eyes that a way forward can be planned in accordance w...

Do you consider yourself a deep thinker? If so, consider this...

Riffing on a post that Anna LeMind wrote for The Learning Mind blog. She shares some thoughts on potential struggles deep thinkers might have in the modern world. Orig...

After you eat, do your body a favour and go for a walk

A new review published in Sports Medicine recently revealed that a short walk after meals might help manage blood sugar levels. Even walks as short as 2 - 5 minutes ca...

Episode #326: Wisdom for a thirsty fish

In this episode, I share a few nuggets of wisdom from Wu Hsin's book: Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish: The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin.

Audio Bloggers' Social Network

Would you be interested in an audio bloggers' social network?

He thought I was one of them

#AudioMo Day 28

Are You a NBP?

Dave Winer, the American software developer, often talks about natural-born bloggers or NBBs. This got me wondering if people like us, who participate in #AudioMo are ...

Getting back into the groove

It's #Audiomo Day 20 and I'm back on the home front trying to get into the groove of the daily grind.

My Portuguese Girlfriend

It's #audiomo Day 19. Today's cast is inspired by the radio legend that is the late Joe Frank. I wrote this story during lockdown when I was experimenting with flash f...

#Audiomo Day 8: On This Day in Music History

I couldn't participate in #audiomo without doing at least one cast on music.

#AudioMo Day 7: My Life In Lists

It's #AudioMo Day 7. In today's audioblog, I take a quick detour and share in the frustration that @daylightgambler and @katesparkle expressed earlier in the week b...

#Audiomo Day 6: Psychological Safety and Belonging

It's Day 6 of #audiomo or audio bloggers' month. Today, I talk briefly about this idea of feeling a sense of belonging at work. Do you feel psychologically safe enough...

Turn the dial all the way up and break it off

In which I explain my absence, hint at my new mission, being amazed at the depth of personal intelligence and its effect on success, turning the dial all the way up fo...

I don't want to be on the wrong side of purpose

So the question of purpose has popped back on the scene today courtesy of Mark Manson's newsletter which I receive. What is my purpose? Am I living a life of purpose?

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