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Hello #Audiomo

It's that time of the year again where hundreds of audio fiends descend upon the Internet to share audio of all kinds. That's right, it's #AudioMo 2020 let the recordings begin!

The other side of nowhere

Art is what? Reconciling one's relationship to art.

Contact tracking

I woke up with fire in my belly this morning. There's only one thing I can do in those circumstances and that is to create something. I've been dancing around the idea of rebooting the audioblog for weeks. This seems as good a time as any to get going again. Also, who's ready for the contact tracking app? The NHS version or the Apple/Google version?

Coach's Notes: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Big Merry Christmas to you all! I hope everyone is finding some Christmas cheer (go easy on the eggnog)!

reviving the morning notes, fighting the wind, and looking for the edge of the comfort zone

I'm a just a tad later getting this out.

Closing in on the half-way point

Day 14 of #BlogPals19 blogging challenge. So far so good, no real struggles to get something posted each day.

The Best Laid Plans...

Just when you think you have everything under control, a flipping monkey throws a wrench in your plan.

Catherine Nicholson dispels some of the myths surrounding virtual training

I've been interested in virtual training since the early days of Webex. The game has changed in the virtual training space and I was curious to know from someone who does a lot of training in this space, what is the field of virtual training like these days. Catherine Nicholson of [The Virtual Training Team](http://www.thevirtualtrainingteam.co.uk/) was kind enough to share her thoughts on virtual training with me. #virtual #training

I think I broke my brain

I have a renewed interest in nootropics, the so-called smart drugs for cognitive enhancement. I spoke to my good friend JJ who is kind of a geek about these things. #nootropics #smartdrugs

001: Embrace the emerging myth. "The Craft of the Warrior," by Robert L. Spencer

Beginning to explore the metaphor of the warrior and the underlying code of living it represents.

Full and Empty

I'm completely exhausted this evening after a day of really cranking out the yang. #audio365

Slow your roll or you'll miss the good stuff

Had a moment of clarity this morning as I was prepping for the day ahead.

simple pleasures

What's the last food item you randomly craved and had to make a special trip to go get? #audio365

ant-people, something has happened - the remix

Best experienced through headphones. [Here are the words if you're interested.](http://soulcruzer.com/2018/07/05/ant-people-something-has-happened-the-remix/)

hunter, priest, or warrior?

Sunday stroll through the countryside, reflecting on the state of play of my creative focus. #audiomo 24

the long road back to normality

I don't want to be back in Kansas. Trying to forestall the inevitable post-holiday blues with some honey and rum. #audiomo day 22

Baby with the bathwater, sibling rivalries, and waiting to be a grandpa

And just like that, we were back on track.  Today on #Audiomo Day 5, I managed to get MR Mike Trussell on the line.  We cover a lot of ground in a short space or time.

First time I went away from home alone

Hey up! #Audiomo Day 4.  I forgot that people are busy. My challenge to speak to 30 different people for #audiomo this year has hit a snag and it's only day number 4.  But I'm a person, so if I talk to myself, does that still count? lol.  If you fancy a chat, let me know, help me reach my #audiomo goal!

I played one note and I was hooked

What happens when an American and a Hungarian meet in England? Nothing but mischief.  On #Audiomo day 3, I catch up with my good friend [Zoltan](https://www.zoltansbasslounge.com/) to talk about his love for the double bass.

Looking at the world through different lenses

It turns out I've known [Justyna](https://www.instagram.com/jj.cloudy/) for just over a year now.  We met through a mutual company we both do some contract work for.  JJ is a kindred spirit. We both dig philosophy, start things we never finish, and think about things way too much.  So here for #AudioMo Day 2 is Justyna. 

Being with my tree

#Audiomo Day 1.  I love this time of the year when the Audiomo community comes together for the month of June to make and share audio.  I thought I'd add something extra to the 30-day challenge this year and that is to have 30 conversations with 30 different people for my #Audiomo posts this year. First up is my friend Sara Beth Hunt, novelist and podcaster.

Level out or level up

Some quick thoughts.

I love the thought of ancient naked days

From the Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire

Let there be mud

Broke in my new shoes, messed around with a couple of bot building apps, and generally goofing around on the net.

Scratching out my thoughts on the social internet vs social media

I have more to say, but these are my initial thoughts.

Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Mic

Testing out the Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic mic.

walking in a winter wonderland

Removing the comfort blanket of CPD hours for law firms

Removing the comfort blanket of CPD hours brings firms up hard against the cold reality of the business purpose of learning. Some have dropped it like a stone, glad of an excuse to cut costs. Others see it an opportunity to take a new approach to learning at work and to ensure that professional development serves their business needs. In this podcast, I interview Nicola Jones of Athena Professional about the change in the way UK lawyers must prove their continued professional competence.

returning back to the mayhem

Three Brothers Burgers, Bristol

Highly recommend it, Three Brothers Burgers in city centre Bristol.

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