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Do you have a bad boss?

Inspired by Rose Leadem's post on Entrepreneur ( https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297579 )

Learning about people. A chat with Dara Caryotis @dbddara

@Clarity4d workshop and accreditation

I can't believe I called her old #AudioMo Day 2

Day 2 of #AudioMo 2017

It's here, #AudioMo 2017

And I even managed to make the first day. Looking forward to hanging out with Fokus new and old over the next 30 days.

The Big Local Project

Colours In Community

I met up with the CFO of Clarity4D to talk about the interdependent dynamics within the diversity of any given community.

Between Awake and Asleep Falls the Question


2 Minute Drill #004 - Make Stuff Happen

Knowing what you want want to happen is 80% of the battle.

To Change or Not To Change? That Is the Question?

There's more to the story of change then it appears on the surface. #change

2 Minute Drill #003

Let go of the old and welcome the new.

2 Minute Drill #002

How's your self-confidence?

2 Minute Drill #001

The only way to change your circumstances is to change yourself.

Like Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa

Deasil has been offering accessible, high quality, bespoke venues to artists for the las 4 years in Warwickshire and the West Midlands regions.

Idleness turned upside down

In this episode, Sarah and Clay explore the virtues of being idle.

Productivity and Work Process as an Independent Creator

In this episode, Sarah and Clay talk about their work processes as independent creators.

What happens when you destroy the ego?

In this episode, Sarah and Clay discuss the role of the ego and some of the possible outcomes when you destroy the ego.

Is the practice of Mindfulness causing us harm?

In this episode, Sarah and Clay explore an idea raised in a recent article that questions whether or not mindfulness is causing us harm?

The Fool in Us

In this episode, Sarah and Clay explore the role of the Fool archetype and what we can learn from The Fool in our lives.

That which you are seeking is causing you to seek

In this episode, Sarah and Clay explore the tension between the need to seek versus the idea of just being.

Trying to recruit Jacques the barista

Day 23, #audiomo

Leamington Peace Festival - Soundscape

Day 21, #audiomo

Live Audio Streaming with the Mixlr App

Day 20, #audiomo

The Two Wolves

In this episode, Sarah and Clay discuss the Native American folk story of The Two Wolves.

Some audio resources I've found useful

Day 18, #audiomo

Laying It Down

Day 17, #audiomo In this episode, I sit down and have a chat with bassist Zoltan Dekany.

You just have to do it, she said.

#audiomo In this episode, I spend some time with my good friend and author, Sarah Beth Hunt. We explore her writing process, her thoughts on being a creative in the digital world, and more.

Where everybody knows your name.

Day 16, #audiomo

Old Friends

Day 15, #audiomo

Let's play a game

Day 14, #audiomo

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