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The Two Wolves

In this episode, Sarah and Clay discuss the Native American folk story of The Two Wolves.

Some audio resources I've found useful

Day 18, #audiomo

Laying It Down

Day 17, #audiomo In this episode, I sit down and have a chat with bassist Zoltan Dekany.

You just have to do it, she said.

#audiomo In this episode, I spend some time with my good friend and author, Sarah Beth Hunt. We explore her writing process, her thoughts on being a creative in the digital world, and more.

Where everybody knows your name.

Day 16, #audiomo

Old Friends

Day 15, #audiomo

Let's play a game

Day 14, #audiomo

She said, 'Give yourself a mind-flower.'

Day 13, #audiomo with @VictoriaJamesUK

The Carrot and the Stick

In this episode, Sarah and Clay want to find out if there's an alternative to the pain/reward principle of learning.

What's your Sunday evening routine?

Day 12, #audiomo

What stands in the way

Day 11, #audiomo

The tables are turned

Day 10, #audiomo

Meet June Irani

Ran into the lovely @JuneIrani at the Southam Business Forum. #Southam

What's love got to do with you it?

Day 9, #audiomo

You have to do the jazz hands, she said.

Day 8, #audiomo

The Real World is Coming

Day 7, #audiomo

Frustration is the pineapple you didn't want

Day 6, #audiomo Sesame Street: Frustrated Ray Romano And Grover: https://youtu.be/foC008X-NjI Ray: https://twitter.com/ray

The Only Thing We Do Know

In this episode, Sarah and Clay discuss whether or not people need to be certain of their path before walking it. #audiomo

Happiness is not a wasp on your arm

Day 5 #audiomo

She needed a study break

Day 4, #audiomo

I found something at the Holy Well

Day 3, #audiomo

Walking with the Eternal Footman

Day 2 #audiomo Did you have to memorise poems in school?


So a couple of things going on here. It's the first day of #audiomo and it's the first episode of The Soulcruzer Podcast. Links: Marie Haycocks - Twitter @certanovo

Bridging the gap of discontentment

In this episode, Sarah and Clay jump into the gap of discontentment to find out why there seems to be a pervasive sense of discontentment in our lives these days.

Time Travelling Wisdom Seekers

In this episode, Sarah Beth and Clay travel back in time to deliver a message of wisdom to their younger selves.

Every time we compromise, we die a little

In this episode, Sarah Beth and Clay talk about why compromise is not always the best option and how people should look for the win/win scenario instead.

It's The Question That Drives You

In this episode, Sarah Beth asks Clay the BIG question.

The Journey Is Never a Straight Line

In this episode, Sarah Beth and Clay share their personal stories and some of the obstacles they've had to face along the way.

Is It Necessary To Have a Higher Purpose?

In this episode Sarah Beth and Clay discuss the idea of purpose and what role it does or doesn't play in helping us feel more fulfilled.

Embrace You Inner Wildness

In this episode, Sarah Beth and Clay discuss how modern life has disconnected us from our inner wildness and how re-engaging with our inner wildness can lead to feeling more peaceful.

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